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Bradon Wall Cedar Rapids Counselor and marriage therapist

Brandon Wall, LMFT founded Cedar Rapids Counseling Center in 2017 and is passionate about helping individuals and couples experience lasting change. He is described by his clients as having the ability to be a straightforward counselor while also being fully compassionate, down to earth, and working at the client’s pace. He has an innate ability to grasp the larger patterns that cause many individuals and couples from reaching their fully potential.¬†

Paige Keppler, T-LMFT is truly an insightful therapist. She is passionate about working with families, teens, and individuals. Paige strives to recognize your individual autonomy while attempting to
create an authentic and trusting relationship with which to facilitate healing and growth. She is available for day and weeknight appointments. Click to learn more about how Paige can help you.

Stephaine Counseling

Stephanie Keiper, T-LMFT is truly a gifted therapist. She uses humor, transparency, and compassion to utilizing the strengths within her clients to instill hope and foster change. She works with teens, families, and individuals. She is available for early mornings, days, and weeknight appointments. Click to learn more about how Stephanie can help you.