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  No one gets married with the hopes and dreams of getting a divorce.   Instead, couples in Cedar Rapids dream of having meaningful and deep relationship with their spouses and hopefully raise a good family.   Unfortunately, so many couples are stuck in an endless cycle of fighting and withdrawing, which can make divorce feel more and more like a reality.   Perhaps this is you!   Luckily, you needn’t give up on your dreams for a solid and fulfilling relationship.   I, Brandon Wall, LMFT, am a trained couples counseling expert and I have sat for thousands of hours helping couples get their marriages lives back together again.

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 Brandon Wall, LMFT Couples Counseling Specializes In

Marriage Therapy

Stop the endless cycle of fighting. Brandon specializes in helping couples to once again connect deeply and learn how to communicate their needs in a way their spouse can hear them.

Divorce Prevention

Couples often threaten divorce, which ultimately undermines the marriage. Brandon helps couples fully commit to each other by helping them explore what is keeping them from being all in.

Trust Issues

Lacking trust with your spouse can be a very scary feeling to have. Brandon helps couples learn how to rebuild trust by helping each spouse to be more accountable and attuned to each other’s needs.


Lacking communication skills? Brandon helps and teaches each couple the best ways to communicate with each other. These skills help in reducing the endless cycles of fighting.

Problem Solving

All the communication skills in the world won’t help if you also don’t know how to problem solve. Brandon guides couples to learn how to think outside the box and to utilize each spouse’s strengths to solve issues.

Fun & Friendship

Too often couples forget to have fun and keep the friendship alive. Then the kids move out and they don’t even know who the other spouse anymore. For this reason, Brandon helps couples to learn to cultivate a deep and lasting relationship.


One of the most devastating events that can happen to a couple is when one spouse is having an affair. Brandon specializes in helping couples over come this optical and guides the couple back to a satisfying relationship.

Porn Issues

The new drug killing couples is porn related issues. Increasingly, more men and women are getting hooked on porn and it is having a negative impacted on relationships. Brandon helps couples fight this new addiction.

Parenting Issues

Couples fight all the time about how to parent their children. Brandon helps guide parents to new levels of understandings and helps both spouses to see the importance of differences in parenting styles.

What Others Are Saying About Brandon Wall Couples Counseling In Cedar Rapids

You have really helped us; I hope you know that. I honestly think you have contributed to saving our marriage that seemed unsalvageable at some points.

Former Client

I have worked with Brandon for over a few years now. Many times I will work individually with one partner or spouse, while he works with the couple. What I appreciate most about Brandon is his succinct, yet compassionate therapeutic modality. He cuts to the heart of the issue with couples. I know that what he values the most is the healing that comes from truth in session that then carries over into the work that couples put into their real lives. It’s been my pleasure to work with him and see continuous progress. Tara Cruise, MA, LMFT
Tara Cruise, LMFT

Marriage & Family Therapist, Counseling Center of Iowa City| Williams & Dunnigan, LLC

Need Couples Counseling In Cedar Rapids?

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