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Looking For Counseling Near Me?

Look No Further For A Mental Health Counselor

Are you a person struggling with depression?

It could be that your anxious all the time and can’t seem to figure out why.

Then again, you might just be overworked and stressed out from all the demands placed on you.

Perhaps, you and your spouse won’t stop fighting and you are fearing a divorce is coming soon.

It doesn’t matter if your teenager is having a hard time, your spouse just threaten divorce, you just told your spouse that you were having an affair, having a midlife crisis at home or work, or old trauma is affecting your day to day life, I, Brandon Wall, a counselor in the Cedar Rapids area, am here to help you get back on track.

The Benefits of Counseling

Research has shown that those who just show up to counseling feel and do better than those who refuse to receive help. This means you will more than likely begin to experience relief by just coming in.

Now imagine what could happen if you saw a counselor that does more than just say, “uh-huh . . . yeah . . . right” and instead worked right along side of you, pushing and coaching you, your teen, or your marriage to thrive.

I am a pragmatic and straightforward mental health counselor, who is not afraid to ask the hard questions, but also strives to be compassionate and joyful.

I’m not here to preach to you, but here to help you process through where you are getting stuck

One of the most important things I my clients say about me is how I get done in one session what other counselors get done in three.

It’s not because I am a miracle worker, I am just gifted at what I do and I want to use my gifts to help you.

So, if you need counseling in Cedar Rapids or the surrounding area, I might just be the counselor for you.

Set up an appointment with me today by calling 319-320-7506 or emailing¬† [email protected]

I have early and night appointments.

Remember . . . you want to be happy and I want to do whatever I can to make sure that happens.


Need Individual Or Couples Counseling? Call 319.320.7506 or email [email protected]