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Are You In Need Of Marriage, Family, or Individual Counseling In The Cedar Rapids, Iowa Area?

Many people seek out therapists but only walk away disappointed. They often comment that they felt like the therapist listened, but they didn’t offer much more than that. Our clients tell us they want guidance and insight into their problems, but they want more than hand holding and a metaphorical pat on the back! Sometimes they want plain and simple practical advice and someone to tell them when they are heading in the wrong direction. Our therapists are trained to help you see deeply into your life but also offer you straight forward advice when you want it. We will do more than hold your hand and say, “I understand”. We will speak to you openly and honestly and challenge you in ways others won’t so that you leave feeling more clear and empowered to live your life and become the best possible version of yourself.




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Founder Cedar Rapids Counseling Center

Hi! I’m Brandon Wall, LMFT

I am the founder of Cedar Rapids Counseling Center. My mission from the start has been to help as many people experience lasting change as I could. I train all our therapists to go beyond mere listening and dive into the issues that are preventing you, your family, or your marriage from thriving.


Just Some of the areas we cover




Marriage Counseling




Family Conflict

Eating Disorders


Communication Skills

Trust Issues

It's Never Too Early To Start!

I had been seeing a counselor for a couple of years regarding anxiety and depression. We worked through the traditional coping mechanisms, and some cognitive behavioral therapy. In a 10 minute discussion with Brandon he was able to dig deeper to the core issues and root causes than my previous counselor had discovered in years of talk therapy. Highly recommended.

Cameron Piper

Google Review

You have really helped us, I hope you know that. I honestly think you have helped save our marriage that seemed unsalvagable at some points. I think we have set some healthy boundaries and goals for the relationship and we both hope to move forward, which was not always the case in the near past..

Former client

Meet Our Therapists

Brandon Wall Counseling

Brandon Wall, LMFT is passionate about helping individuals and couples experience lasting change. He is described by his clients as having the ability to be a straightforward counselor while also being fully compassionate, down to earth, and working at the client’s pace. He has an innate ability to grasp the larger patterns that cause many individuals and couples from reaching their fully potential. 

Paige Counseling

Paige Keppler, T-LMFT is truly an insightful therapist. She is passionate about working with families, teens, and individuals. Paige strives to recognize your individual autonomy while attempting to create an authentic and trusting relationship with which to facilitate healing and growth. She is available for day and weeknight appointments. Click to learn more about how Paige can help you.

Stephanie Keiper, T-LMFT is truly a gifted therapist. She uses humor, transparency, and compassion to utilizing the strengths within her clients to instill hope and foster change. She works with teens, families, and individuals. She is available for early mornings, days, and weeknight appointments. Click to learn more about how Stephanie can help you.

Pete Campie

Pete Campie, T-LMFT bring a lively, empathetic personality and a therapeutic approach focused on identifying patterns and systems in motion while giving you the tools to identify them going forward. Then he works on how to adjust and tweak those systems to better match your needs and expectations from life. Click below to learn more how Pete can help you!


Melany Forbes is truly a gifted therapist. She is passionate about working with individuals, couples, and families. She is available for early morning and day appointments. Click to learn more about how Meanly can help you.

Alyssa Counseling

Alyssa Caldwell, T-LMFT is truly a compassionate therapist. She believes through the presence of support and compassion in therapy, change is possible. She works with teens, families, and individuals, and couples. She is available for days, weeknight, and Saturday appointments. Click to learn more about how Alyssa can help you.

Types Of Therapy

couple seeking counseling and a marriage mental health counselor
couple seeking counseling and a marriage mental health counselor
male individual seeking mental health counselor
male individual seeking mental health counselor
male individual seeking mental health counselor
teenager seeking counseling and a mental health counselor

Tips For Mental Health

How To Set Boundaries

How To Set Boundaries

A lot of stress and anxiety comes from not knowing how to manage other people's expectations of us. Too often, we feel like we have to fulfill all these expectations out of fear of letting people down. However, part of developing a complete sense of self is to...

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The Inevitability of Criticism

The Inevitability of Criticism

The inner critic can be one of the least understood parts that we have to help us manage our fear of rejection and emotional pain. The key to overcoming the critic is learning how to show compassion.    It is part of the human experience to interact with...

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