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Learn How Brandon Wall’s Counseling Can Help You

 Brandon Wall, LMFT Counseling Specializes In

Marriage Therapy

No one gets married to get divorced or feel chronically unhappy. Brandon specializes in helping couples to once again connect deeply and learn how to communicate their needs in a way their spouse can hear them.

Teen Therapy

Teenagers are a wonderful gift, but they can also be a source of frustration and anxiety. Brandon helps teens work through their difficult times. His insight comes from never forgetting what it felt like to be a troubled teen.

Individual Therapy

Who doesn’t want to thrive in their own individual life? From trauma to professional advice, Brandon has the training to help you work through feeling stuck and begin to rebuild your life for the better.

Meet Brandon Wall, LMFT

Marriage & Family Therapist

My passion in life is to help you as an individual, your relationship, or your teenager thrive. I’m a compassionate straight shooter, who will help you, your relationship, your teenager get back on track. I focus less on diagnosing you and more on helping you think pragmatically about your situational and help foster deeply connected relationships.  My clients describe me as playful, fun, and insightful. More importantly, my clients know that I am focused on getting results as fast as possible. They know I am dedicated to the process of bring about lasting change. See testimonies below.
My desire is for you, your marriage, or your teen to not have to come back. My approach is to view the wider system at play and then help you process and adapt to the ins and outs of everyday life. I work with both couples, individuals, and teenagers. I am a Lienceded Marriage and Family Therapist and I also have a Masters degree in Philosophy.

What Others Are Saying About Brandon Wall Counseling

You have really helped us, I hope you know that. I honestly think you have helped save our marriage that seemed unsalvagable at some points. I think we have set some healthy boundaries and goals for the relationship and we both hope to move forward, which was not always the case in the near past. Wife

Former Client

I have trained hundreds of marriage and family therapists over the course of the past 25 years. Brandon is certainly one who I found to be naturally gifted in human relationships and in his ability to help individuals, couples and families find a path to new and better ways of being. I would readily send one of my own family members to see him and know that they were in good hands. Randall Lyle, Ph.D.

Director Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate Program Mount Mercy University

Brandon’s warmth and compassion are obvious upon first meeting with him, not only through how he is present for those in need, but also through his skills as a marriage and family therapist. He expertly puts others at ease, while identifying areas of strength and improvement. Brandon seems to have truly found his place as a therapist and has the brightest of futures in the field! Nicole Brighton, MA, TLMFT

Marriage & Family Therapist

After one hour with Brandon, my child was smiling from ear to ear and felt excited about the future.  She said “I feel really happy.  I can’t stop smiling.  I really like him.  I can’t believe how well he understood me!”  He related well to her, she feels like she can tell him anything, she trusts and respects him, and looks forward to future visits.  We can see her hope and confidence growing.  This is the first time she has shown her true self in therapy sessions and is willing to do the necessary work expected from her.   Meredith


I had been seeing a counselor for a couple of years regarding anxiety and depression.  In a 10 minute discussion with Brandon he was able to dig deeper to the core issues and root causes than my previous counselor had discovered in years of talk therapy.  I Highly recommended him.”

  Cameron Piper


Brandon Wall has been a generous friend and valued colleague. I can recommend Brandon’s services based on what some of his clients have told me: Brandon rolls up his sleeves and dives in. He talks straight, takes sides when he needs to, and pushes both partners to accountability. Brandon has the ability to laser focus on what needs to happen to bring about change.

  Laura Tucker,TLMFT

Marriage & Family Therpist, Counseling Center of Iowa City

“Brandon has a genuine heart of compassion and a wonderful mind. He excels at understanding and working with the process of suffering – with the unsatisfied life or relationship – and providing direction so one can thrive. I have deeply enjoyed and been enriched having Brandon as a good friend and trusted colleague.”

  Hannah Bousek, TLMFT

Marriage & Family Therpist, Counseling Center of Iowa City

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Brandon’s counseling practice concentrations are in the following areas

Coping Skills
Marriage/couples counseling
Sex Addictions
Peer Relationships
Self Esteem
Anger Management
Career Counseling
Family Conflict

Nights and Early Morning Appointments Available


Nights and Early Morning Appointments Available


Directions To Cedar Rapids Counseling Center

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  • Take Collins Rd towards Lindale Mall
  • Turn to go to Hobby Lobby
  • Turn Left on Twixt Town Road Northeast
  • Turn Right on N Park Pine
  • Drive past Hobby Lobby
  • Turn Left into 5300 North Park Place Northeast
  • Cedar Rapids Counseling Center is located in the second door towards the back of the parking lot.
  • When you enter the second door, suit 115 is immediately on your left
  • Please enter and wait in the reception area until Brandon is done with his client

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